Zero-Fuel Aircraft || New zero-emission concept aircraft

The airline industry accounted for roughly 2.4% of global carbon dioxide emissions in 2018. I a figure that is predicted to rise closer to five percent by twenty fifty well long distance travel has become such an ingrained part of many knives for business and pleasure it’s clear that the consequences of that travelled on the environment substantial a solution naturally is yvonne thing and in three different new aircraft and plans airbus and i have one lazy and twenty twenty the french company announced a new concept the zeroing simile taney asleep revealing three different new aircraft designs all under the same brand the company says the new hydrogen fuel dad prompt could be in service by twenty thirty fine and foreign policy of that wider plan to d a compromise of the aviation industry the three designs range from relatively recognizable planes with adaptations to their power souls to an unfamiliar reimagining of commercial shaped like a cross between a space shuttle not the type it right or a blind one comes at me as ambitious and unfamiliar compared to what we see on our way to downing it has what airbus a goal and a blend

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