What is Edge Computing

“What is Edge Computing?”.

The way technology is developing. Similarly, the use of data is also increasing. And we are becoming completely dependent on technology. And since the boom of the Internet, there has been progress in the field of computer networks as well. Due to which the use of internet is also increasing very fast. And due to more use of the Internet, the casting of the Internet is also increasing. So in this way it has also been resolved. Which is known as edge computing. And so far you must have only heard the name of edge computing. But you will not get proper knowledge about it yet. So today I will talk to you about edge computing.

Before knowing about EC, we also need to know about cloud computing. Because both edge computing and cloud computing are related to each other. So let’s know something about cloud computing.

Aeromus Cloud Computing
Aeromus Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is one of the most popular technology in today’s digital age. Which is being used by almost everyone, whether they are using it in direct way or in indirect way. The way we work on our local computer, save files or store data in it. Meaning the data is being saved in the hard drive of the computer. But this is not similar in cloud computing. Cloud computing gives you the complete computer environment on the cloud. We save the data on the Internet instead of saving it in the local computer. When we work through local computer. And keep the data in local storage which we access only through our computer. But by using cloud computing, we save our data on cloud storage. What we do with our data, software, applications.

Due to this feature of cloud computing, it is such a popular technology. The way we work on our laptop or computer and install applications or software in it, save data, with the help of computing, we can do all these work globally through cloud computing technology.

Cloud computing is being used on a very large scale. Many companies like Google, Facebook, Amazon and Microsoft use cloud computing to save data on the Internet. Amazon and Microsoft cloud computing facilities provide a free service to store data on the cloud.


EC stands for Enhanced Data Rate for GSM Architecture. Which was invented in 2001. Which is made up of two words edge and computing. Where edge means surface and computing means to calculate. Edge computing is related to data processing as well as local processing of real time data. Because it is not used to store data but to collect data. Therefore it works opposite to cloud computing. Edge computing is used for Internet of things (IOT) based machines. To remove the problem of band width and latency, the data server is brought near the data source. In other way the data is brought to the storage device. Reduces the amount of data to be processed in a centralized or cloud based area.

Edge computing is a networking philosophy focused on information gathering closer to end users and bringing computing in order to reduce bandwidth use and latency. Rapidly growth and increasing IoT computing power which result in unprecedented volumes of data. EC was developed due to minimize the amount of long-distance communication for exponential growth of IoT client and server.

Edge computing optimizes web applications and Internet devices by bringing computing closer of the data to the source. It reduces the cloud causes bandwidth and latency issues to sending all device-generated data to a centralized data center. EC means moving those processes to local places and running fewer processes in the cloud, such as on an IoT device, or an edge server and user’s computer.

Advantages of Edge Computing
  1. Due to less distance in data processing in EC, where earlier it used to take more time to get data from cloud, now services retrieve latency from edge computing itself, which reduces the speed in processing the data.
  2. You must know that gradually 5G technology is developing, then EC in this area will make the data response faster by using Artificial Intelligence (AI) with 5G technology and at the same time the results will be accurate, which will make computing even more. It will be nice and convenient. Along with this, efforts are being made to reduce the latency by edge computing so that in the coming future, we will have more data processing.
  3. Edge computing is much cheaper than cloud computing because in many companies, the use of cloud computing increases its cost due to the use of high amount of data store and bandwidth and all this process is very expensive, so to reduce this cost, EC has to be done. Computing has proved to be better in this case because in edge computing, data is stored on local server instead of storing it on the cloud, which reduces its cost.
  4. In today’s time, time is very important for everyone. And the edge increases the speed of data processing by reducing the computing time. Its launch would take place in mile seconds, due to which its speed is fast.
Disadvantages Of EDGE COMPUTING
  1. Edge computing requires more storage for the device.
  2. InEC, only the important data is sent to the main server. Allows you to delete the remaining data. And it works only on local network.
  3. In edge computing networks, very little data can be stored according to the cloud. This is completely the opposite of cloud computing. Because of which there is a problem in creating separate networks with many computing nodes.

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