Robotics Process Automation (RPA)

In today’s digital age, all our works are electronic system based. And as we know that there are different types of works are running in different types of fields. Therefore some of those tasks we do everyday. That takes too much time and man power to do that. And by chance if there is an error occur in that work, due to some mistake than we have to do that same work again. Due to which both time and work accuracy are misbalance. To prevent mistakes in such work, Robotics Process Automation (RPA) is use. In this session I am going to discuss such a technology with you. Thus making a mistake is negligible.

Most importantly by using this technology we can automate our workflow without having mistakes. In addition industries are able to increase work efficiency in less time. In other words we assign repetitive task to boots to automate the workflow and prevent error.

Most importantly in today’s digital age, fulfill the requirements of our customers is a very difficult task. In other word they wants everything to be done automatic. Which we can do very easily through Robotics Process Automation (RPA). However we can create our own software robots from from this technology that are capable of learning and understand tasks just like humans. Most Importantly Robotics Process Automation is one of very fast growing technology. The demand for which is going to increase very fast in the coming years.

Aeromus Robotics Process Automation

Why we should use Robotics Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is an automation technology that automate the manual process of an organization. However there are many tasks in an organization, Which are mostly repeatable. Due to this repetitive task, the possibility of getting an error is mostly high. To prevent these types of trouble and save lot of time to do other important work, companies uses RPA technology. On the other hand this is very advanced and automated software tool, which we can create our own software robot. To perform daily task without wasting time.

However many industry like retail, tele communication, finance, banking industry are also using it. Due to which repetitive tasks, time and man power we can save. There are many industries that are using robotics process automation. For example, Shipping Companies, Tele communication, Banking, Health Care, Retail, Insurance and Manufacturing.

Firstly let me tell you about tele communication companies. In the telecommunication industry, it is used for monitoring calls, fraud data management and updating customer data. To give a better customer Support. Similarly It is widely used in the banking industry for data accuracy and data security, which is very important for banking industries.

In other word updating the order of a retail company, tracking products, these tasks are repetitive which are time consuming. Most of the companies are automating their process. Due to which they are saving lots of time with less man power cost.

Benefits of RPA

RPA helps organization on their digital transformation journeys. With RPA, businesses can fully automate their workflow and also enable system to serving customers or other higher-value works. Due to RPA, businesses can exchange repetitive and boring task performed by humans, with a robot. RPA automation and enables software users to create their own software bots by observing human digital actions.

  • Better Customer Service
  • Compliance With Regulation And Understand
  • Completing Process More Rapidly
  • Improve Efficiency
  • Reduce Man Power & Cost Saving
  • More Productive Employee

Types of RPA

  1. Attended Automation

Human interference is required while doing automation in Attended Automation.

2. Unattended Automation

In unattended automation, This tools is very intelligent that they have the power of decision making. And it does it’s own decision.

3. Hybrid Automation

Hybrid automation has the capability of both attended and unattended automation. In this automation system can work with the interference of human and without the interference of human.

This form of automation performs numerous tasks from extracting information, filling in forms, moving files and plenty of a lot of business method activities at a high-volume. RPA allows different manufacturers to accelerate their digital transformation efforts and generate a better come on investment.

Why we need RPA

In conclusion robotic process automation (RPA) is an automation technology increase high volume of workforce that build, deploy, and prevents human error. in addition RPA enables humans to focus on other higher-level activities. Robotic process automation is a form of business processes that communicate with other digital systems, that retrieve data, process the instruction. Similarly many businesses use software robots to mimic technologies to back-office tasks to reduce labour costs as well as also to prevents human error.

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