For the First Time NASA Enters the Solar Atmosphere And Bringing New Discoveries

The US space agency NASA first time in the history enters the solar atmosphere. And being appreciated once again around the world. A feat once considered impossible. This feat was achieved by NASA 8 months ago. This is an incredible historic first time ever happened a spacecraft Parker Solar Probe. It’s launched by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. NASA became the first spacecraft that was once thought to be impossible and fly through the unexplored solar atmosphere of the Sun. The rocket ship has swooped in and made contact with the Sun.

Parker Solar Probe was launched in year 2018 to explore and discover about the Sun by travelling closer to it. Sooner or later On 28 April 2021, Parker Solar Probe has finally reached the atmosphere of the sun. And flew through the corona. For the first time Parker managed to get inside the sun’s atmosphere. But it took a long time to reach the information of spacecraft to scientists. And analyze the information of this spacecraft located in crores of kilometers.

NASA enters the solar atmosphere

Closer Than Ever Before 

When NASA enters in the solar atmosphere the spacecraft Parker Solar Probe is moving over the upper atmosphere of the Sun called corona. And passing through the atmosphere there. Parker Solar Probe is proving to be a new milestone for solar science. Just as by reaching the surface of the moon, scientists got an understanding of how the moon was formed. In the same way reaching the surface of the sun will help scientists to know about the formation of the sun and what the sun is made of.

Touching the Sun is a great achievement for solar science. Thomas Zurbuchen, associate administrator for the Science Mission Directorate at NASA Headquarters, said the Parkar Solar Probe’s touching of the Sun will provide a deeper insight into not only the evolution and study of the Sun. But also provide the deep information of our Solar System. Whenever we know about our star, it gives us even deeper information about many stars located in the universe.

Narrowing Down Switchback Origins

In 2019, the Solar Probe, orbiting close to the surface of the Sun, found that the flow of particles from the Sun that affects us on Earth. That solar wind has magnetic zig-zag structures. Those called switchbacks are the ones closest to the Sun. But where and how it is made still remains a mystery. Parker Solar Probe has passed close enough to halve the Sun’s distance from where the solar surface’s magnetic zig-zag structures originate. We were successful in getting the first route through Corona and will gather more information in the coming days which is impossible to study from a distance.

The structure of the switchback regions at the base of the corona coincides with the magnetic funnel structure. Parker Solar Probe senses conditions in the magnetically dominant layer of the solar atmosphere. the corona – that we never could before, said Parker Project Scientist Noor Roufi of the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory. In the blind images, there is evidence of corona in the magnetic field data and in the solar wind data. We can actually see Parker Solar Probe flying through coronal structures during a total solar eclipse.

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