Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Friends, nowadays we have been hearing the name of 2 very popular technologies related to the field of technology. Which sounds very technical. Which we call Artificial Intelligence and machine learning. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are very important technologies of computer science. But many people confuse between Artificial Intelligence and machine learning. So let me tell you that Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are completely different from each other. However In many places, these two technologies are adopting very fast. From Google, YouTube to every small and big companies are using these two technologies. In other words All the companies are using these two technologies very fast for the advanced development of the company. So let’s try to know about AI and ML.

What is Artificial Intellegence?

Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence

Friends, if we talk about artificial intelligence, then we are talking about an intelligent system. That is not an expert in particular field. In other words the machine is expertise in many task like a human. One who can think like humans by inputting from his side in all the fields and can understand. Artificial intelligence is a type of application. With the help of which we program the computer or machine. In such a way and give the ability to learn automatically and improve itself when needed. We do not program machine separately to improve it’s performance. In other word machine improve itself from its experience, predict and take decision. The machine uses its own experience to improve itself. Artificial intelligence focuses on the development of computer programs. In which they can think like humans and can take decisions when needed.

What Is Machine Learning?

Machine Learning
Machine Learning

Machine learning is a part of Artificial Intelligence. With this technology, we program the machine to perform a particular task. In this case machine learn from it’s own experiences and improve their performance from their experiences. In this, we store some data related to the task. By which to perform the task machine uses the already stored data to do its work. And generates different patterns to do the related work from it and becomes expert in that specific field. In this technology, we train the machine by targeting a specific task. After that the machine improves itself by practicing the same task. In machine learning, a machine is made expert in a specific field through an algorithm.

Importance of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

We are at a new age of technology in that has grown to be truly useful in our lives. in other words Artificial Intelligence is the science and engineering of making intelligent machines that has the ability of mimic human and cognitive functions. For example learning, problem-solving and analytical reasoning power in machine. However AI has already received a lots of buzz in the past decade that are modeled after the human brain. Artificial Intelligence has a long history rooted in military science and statistics.

This is set to make computers more useful and more capable of independent reasoning. The machine understands what information is needed and focuses on collecting data and making rules to turn the data into actionable information. AI is available everywhere around the world, from gaming stations to maintaining complex information at work. Computer Engineers and Scientists are continuously working hard on them to think and respond to real-time solution.

Many Tech companies have been already using these technologies in their products and this is just the beginning. After over the couples of years, we may use AI at a large scale into one after another product and AI does not have to limit the methods that are biologically observable. AI is an automatic decision-making system that endlessly learn, adapt, recommend and take actions mechanically. At the core, they need algorithms that area unit ready to learn from their expertise.

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