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Hello friends, you are most welcome in this article What is Biology, its field and animal classification.

In this article the definition of biology, types and classification of animals have been explained in simple and simple language. This topic is studied from class 6th to 12th and also in higher classes.

Definition – Biology Biology is called Biology in English and this word was first used in 1801 by Lamarck who was a French zoologist. and Travinores , a German zoologist. Biology is a Greek word for “Bios” meaning life, life or organism and “logos” meaning “study”. is comprised of. Thus, the meaning of biology is the study of living organisms. For example, their origin, development, reproduction etc.it can be said that

There are many types of animals in the world, which always differ from each other on the basis of size, nature and their habitat. Therefore, classification became very important to the study of living beings. therefore classification became very important to facilitate the study of living beings. therefore A scientist named Carolus Linnaeus classified the organisms into two parts.

  1. Animal Kingdom Animal Kingdom
  2. Plant Kingdom Plant Kingdom

1. Animal kingdom- A scientist named Carolus Linnaeus found all vertebrate vertebrates and invertebrates moving in the animal kingdom and

Includes other non-living animals and all those beings which can move from one place to another, and whose body is fragmented. All the creatures of the animal world are found everywhere. The creatures that fly in the water on earth and in the sky are included in these.

All the creatures of the animal world are found everywhere. The creatures that fly in the water on earth and in the sky are included in these.

2. Plant kingdom – Plant kingdom includes all types of trees, plants, vegetation and all those small plants.

Those who are motionless and make their own food. The properties and actions found in these are different from those of animals.

RH Whitaker’s Classification System RH Whitaker Classification System

That is, they lack well- developed organs and nuclei (Bacteria in Monera) Blue Green Algea

Other animals are included. Which are unicellular prokaryotic in nature.Protista Protista – This type of animal has been included in the world, which is unicellular, but are of eukaryotic nature. That is, they contain all kinds of developed organs.And a clear nucleus is found. All the animals of the Protista kingdom are found in the water, such as Euglena, Paramecium etc.

That is, all these creatures make their own food and they are green. In these, all types of tree plants have been included in the mass flowering (floral) and non-floral (non-floral). 4. Fungi Fungi – In this world also eukaryotic and heterotrophic organisms have been included, which depend on someone else for their food. They feed themselves by living their life as a host. 5. Animalia Annimalia – Multicellular animal homogeneous eukaryotic organisms have been kept in the Animalia kingdom, which are consumers

And these creatures are also called metrozoa. These include jellyfish, starfish, birds, reptiles, mammals, etc. vertebrates.

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